The importance of ongoing education for products used in a health system

By January 26, 2021March 10th, 2021Education


Ongoing product education is important in many fields but especially within health systems. Product education programs reinforce best practices within existing personnel and help new staff get formal training on the specific products they interact with every day. When it comes to wound care, this does not just increase efficiency, it helps health systems prevent costly HAPI that drastically affect patients.

Product education on wound care and positioning products ensure nursing staff who understand the rationale and importance of assisting at-risk patients with turning and repositioning every two hours while they are in bed can use the key positioning products safely and effectively. In addition, when wound care staff implements hospital-specific interventions when appropriate, which products to choose, why, and how they are best managed.

Primo prides itself on a unique ongoing education relationship with its clinical customers. Primo’s education is unlike many medical device products that only provide cursory education as part of an initial sale. Knowing that initial and continuing education is a proven tool to keep pressure injuries to a minimum, Primo works closely with clients to deliver regular product education sessions. Primo has a dedicated education team available on a scheduled basis to ensure staff is informed on how and when to use each product so that patients receive the best positive outcomes without compromising patient comfort. Preventing HAPI ensures positive patient outcomes, reduces health system costs and increases HCAHPS scores.

Because of Primo’s ongoing education and close relationship with its clients, Primo is able to troubleshoot questions or concerns clinicians may have with medical products. Primo takes those concerns and creates specific areas of learning for each department in addition to typical product education. Primo also helps train new employees outside of ongoing education. Primo’s educators help all employees understand policy protocols as it relates to the medical products. Management at hospital systems utilizing Primo products has expressed appreciation to the copacetic and professional level of training provided by Primo’s educators. 

Contact Primo today to learn more about how ongoing product education can be part of your health system process to ensure positive patient outcomes and reduce HAPI.