Child and Pediatric Boots/Guardians

Child boots were specifically designed with a smaller fit to protect the heels of children.


PRIMOBoot Child is clinically designed to offload the heels of children providing the ultimate protection against heel pressure injuries.

  • Specifically designed with a smaller fit for children
  • PRIMOBoot is the patented elite offloading heel protector in the healthcare market today
  • Internal tapered foam wedge combined with soft pillow fiber provides consistent heel offloading
  • Numbered strap system simplifies boot placement. Adjustable “Y” strap keeps the foot at a 90-degree angle to prevent foot drop
  • Interior, soft micro-suede fabric coupled with high sides wrap the leg to maintain correct foot placement
  • Wide tube holes on each side of PRIMOBoot allow for routing pressure-causing SCD tubes away from the skin
  • Durable outer fabric repels fluid and slides easily to prevent skin shearing. Can be wiped down with disinfectant wipes and machine washable

Child, Pediatric, and Preemie Guardians are designed to reduce pressure on the heels of children and premature infants.

  • Specifically designed with a smaller fit for children and premature infants
  • Fiber-filled foot pillows reduce pressure on the heel
  • Cost-effective treatment to reduce the risk for pressure sores due to illness, trauma, or immobility
  • Outer fabric is durable, repels fluid, and slides easily across sheets. Inner fabric is soft and gentle on skin. Machine washable and can be placed in dryer
  • Blown hollow-core fiber is highest quality available
  • Preemie Guardians are a tiny size specifically designed to protect premature infants’ heels.

Product #Boot Type ProtectionSize
BAB8000CPRIMOBootOffloading Child (Red)
HP221CGuardianReductionChild (Green)
HP221P GuardianReductionPediatric (Turquoise)
HP201PRGuardianReductionPreemie (Purple)
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