Preventive Pad

Preventive Pad is a convoluted foam pad that effectively replaces pillows to offload heels.


Preventive Pad is available in three styles to select the style that best fits your patient population.

Each Preventive Pad style includes all the common features and benefits of Preventive Pad:

  • Highly reduces the chance of heel pressure injuries
  • Convoluted 4″ foam floats heels up to 2″ from bed
  • Wipe down fabric can be cleaned with disinfectant wipe to prevent soiling; making Preventive Pad reusable or disposable
  • Non-slip bottom keeps pad in place; does not require frequent repositioning as with pillows
  • Increases patient compliance because feet are free and cool
  • Minimally reduces pressure from sacral area
  • Easy to use and excellent for Burn Patients

Standard Preventive Pad

  • Offered in 2 different widths: 28″ and 38″ (total bed width, standard hospital bed)

Preventive Pad with Sewn Hinges

  • Side hinges protect the patient’s legs from sliding into bed rails and are sewn to Preventive Pad

Angled Preventive Pad

  • Foam is sloped to mimic body curvature increasing patient comfort

Product # StyleL x W x H
PPWD28164528" Wide (Average Height)16” x 28” x 4.5”
PPWD28144528" Wide (Short Height)14” x 28” x 4.5”
PPWD381645Standard 38" Bed Width (Average Height)16” x 38” x 4.5”
PPWD381445Standard 38" Bed Width (Average Height)14” x 38” x 4.5”
PPWD381645HStandard 38" Bed Width (Average Height) - with Side Hinges16” x 38” x 4.5”
PPWD381445HStandard 38" Bed Width (Short Height) - with Side Hinges14” x 38” x 4.5”
PPWD302445A30" Wide (Average Height) - Angled24" x 30" x 4.5"
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