HeelShield heel offloading boot is filled with top quality soft hollow core fiber designed to offload the heel and provide protection against heel pressure injuries.



  • Clinically designed heel offloading boot
  • Filled with top quality soft hollow core fiber
  • Distributes the weight of the heel to the calf area to protect against heel pressure injuries
  • Interior, soft micro-suede fabric coupled with high sides wrap the leg to maintain correct foot placement
  • Durable outer fabric repels fluid and slides easily to prevent skin shearing
  • Numbered strap system simplifies boot placement
  • Adjustable “Y” strap keeps the foot at a 90 degree angle to prevent foot drop
  • Wide tube hole on each side allows for routing pressure-causing tubes away from skin
  • Can be wiped down with disinfectant wipes
  • Offered in different sizes (calf measurements):
    • Small – Less than 16”
    • Standard – 16” – 23″
    • Bariatric – Greater than 23”
  • An optional anti-rotational wedge is available to aid in the prevention of internal/external rotation of the leg



Product # (Boot Only)Product # (Boot with Anti-Rotational Wedge)Color (Exterior/Interior)SizeCalf Measurement
HS51SHS51SWBlack/KhakiSmallLess than 16”
HS51HS51WGreen/GrayStandard16” - 23”
HS51BHS51BW Navy/GrayBariatricGreater than 23”
ARW03Anti-Rotational Wedge fits all HeelShield sizesUniversal
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