Pressure Reduction

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  • Guardians

    Guardian Heel Protectors are fiber-filled foot pillows that reduce pressure on the heel. They are a cost-effective treatment to reduce…
  • Sheepskin Heel Protector

    Synthetic sheepskin heel protector helps prevent skin shearing while reducing pressure to the heel.
  • Sheepskin Heel Protector with Padded Strap

    Padded strap adds an extra layer of protection to the synthetic sheepskin heel protector that helps prevent skin shearing while…
  • Knitted Elbow/Heel Protector

    Knitted elbow/heel protectors are a soft, latex-free, double open-ended sock that provide patient comfort while defending against skin friction and…
  • Economy Synthetic Sheepskin Elbow Protector

    Economy synthetic sheepskin elbow protector increases comfort by allowing normal elbow flexion while protecting the skin friction and shearing.
  • Elbow Pillow Pads

    Elbow pillow pads are excellent protection against elbow pressure injuries while defending against skin friction and shearing.
  • Contoured & Standard Knee Pillow

    Knee pillows relieve pressure points on the medial knee while providing comfort to the hip and lower back