Heel Offloading Solutions

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  • PRIMOBoot

    PRIMOBoot, clinically designed with an internal tapered foam wedge, consistently offloads the heel providing the ultimate protection against heel pressure…
  • PRIMOBoot II

    PRIMOBoot II heel offloading boot has a snug fit that comfortably maintains the correct foot placement and protects against heel…
  • HeelCheck

    HeelCheck offloading heel boot is designed for an easy heel check. Clinically designed to increase compliance, plantar panels open to…
  • HeelShield

    HeelShield heel offloading boot is filled with top quality soft hollow core fiber designed to offload the heel and provide…
  • Preventive Pad

    Preventive Pad is a convoluted foam pad that effectively replaces pillows to offload heels.
  • Child and Pediatric Boots/Guardians

    Child boots were specifically designed with a smaller fit to protect the heels of children.