For more than 23 years, PRIMO has been a manufacturer of healthcare products for hospitals, physicians, and
long-term care providers. PRIMO offers a wide variety of products in a portfolio that has been derived from customer clinical input while focusing on preventive wound care management.

PRIMO is classified as a Small Business. One thing that has always differentiated PRIMO from other companies is that we have the option of customizing a product here at PRIMO. We are dedicated and committed to our customers and measure ourselves through customer satisfaction, business partnerships, and by meeting or exceeding objectives set for our customers.

Pressure Injury Concerns

One of the biggest challenges hospitals face today is preventing patients from developing pressure injuries while undergoing inpatient hospital treatments for other medical issues. An increasing reason for readmission is for hospital-acquired pressure injuries (HAPI).

In 2008 the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) published a policy that they would no longer reimburse hospitals for the cost of treating HAPI.

This policy transfers the treatments cost back to the healthcare providers.

PRIMO Solutions

PRIMO’s clinically designed products coupled with customized educational tools lower cost in your healthcare facility.

  1. PRIMO’s products are favorably priced to lower acquisition cost.
  2. PRIMO’s clinically designed products help eliminate unnecessary costs by minimizing the possibilities of hospital-acquired pressure injuries resulting in positive patient outcomes.
  3. PRIMO decreases hospital costs by assisting with better product utilization. PRIMO’s wound management team provides several product choices and educational tools that decrease product usage and overall pressure injury possibilities.

PRIMO specializes in
Preventive Wound Care Management.