PRIMO offers Buck’s Traction Boots with 3 distinct designs. PRIMO’s Buck’s can be used unilaterally or bilaterally and is used to immobilize, position and align the lower extremity in the treatment of contractures and diseases of the hip and knee. PRIMO’s entire traction line applies longitudinal traction on the leg and maintains proper alignment of a leg fracture.

PRODUCT NAME                                           PRODUCT #

Standard Bucks Traction                                           BT01
.                                                                                       BT01-12

Buck’s Traction with Heel Hole Opening              BT02
.                                                                                       BT02-12

Buck’s Traction with Padded Foot                          BT03
Design and Heel Hole Opening                               BT03-12

12” Spreader Bar                                                          150-6502