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Gait Belts


Product Description

PRIMO’S Gait Belts are 2” wide, manufactured from heavy-duty cotton webbing, Latex free, and are:

Available in 2 lengths:
60” and 72”

Choice of 3 Closures:
Toothed nickel-plated buckle
Plastic quick-release buckle
Hook & loop closure

4 Colors Available:
Natural w/ Red & Blue Stripe
Navy Blue

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PRIMO’S Gait Belts w/ Metal Buckle

GB60MBN                 60”, Natural
GB60MBNRB           60”, Natural w/ Red & Blue Stripe
GB60MBNB              60”, Navy Blue
GB60MBP                 60”, Pastel
GB72MBN                 72”, Natural
GB72MBNRB           72”, Natural w/ Red & Blue Stripe
GB72MBNB              72”, Navy Blue
GB72MBP                 72”, Pastel

PRIMO’S Gait Belts w/ Quick Release Buckle

GB60QRN               60”, Natural
GB60QRNRB         60”, Natural w/ Red & Blue Stripe
GB60QRNB            60”, Navy Blue
GB60QRP                60”, Pastel
GB72QRN                72”, Natural
GB72QRNRB          72”, Natural w/ Red & Blue Stripe
GB72QRNB             72”, Navy Blue
GB72QRP                72”, Pastel

Gait Belt with Hook & Loop Closure

GB60HLN               60”, Natural
GB60HLNRB         60”, Natural w/ Red & Blue Stripe
GB60HLNB            60”, Navy Blue
GB60HLP               60”, Pastel
GB72HLN               72”, Natural
GB72HLNRB          72”, Natural w/ Red & Blue Stripe
GB72HLNB             72”, Navy Blue
GB72HLP                72”, Pastel

60” Re-Usable Gait Belt durable self locking buckle, belts constructed of heavy duty wipe-down re-usable laminated webbing.

GB60WDP               60”, Purple