9" Abdominal Binders



PRIMO’s 9” three panel Abdominal Binder supports abdominal muscles while encouraging mobility and promoting muscle redevelopment. The binder is made entirely with hook compatible plush which permits closure at any point for a more precise and comfortable fit. Even compression promotes coughing and deep breathing. Patients can walk comfortably, reducing the possibility of sedentary complications such as atelectasis, pneumonia and phlebitis.


PRODUCT #            SIZE
AB201S                   Small (30” – 45”)
AB201M                 Medium (46” – 62”)
AB201L                  Large (60” – 75”)
AB201XL               XLarge (50” – 60”)
AB201XXL            XXLarge (58” – 68”)
AB201XXXL         XXXLarge (greater than 68”)